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Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce

Digital Team Leader

Marketing is not simply about advertising— it’s about building a relationship between the company and the consumer. Companies now need to build this relationship via the digital world, and this is where I come in.

I got my start in sales, though I went on to work in the mortgage industry for companies like MetLife and Bank of America. Inspired by the evolving media landscape, I began working in SEO and online marketing techniques in 2011. I am now devoted to helping companies utilize these strategies and launch digital media campaigns to build their brands and better connect with consumers.

You could say that I’m one of those “type A” personalities, but I take pride in this. I’m a very analytical person who easily spots patterns and uses this to map out strategies. I have invested hundreds of hours into learning and mastering online marketing techniques to increase visibility and expand outreach. I have developed relationships with some of the best online marketing experts in the country (people skills are very important in my field, after all). And since new marketing practices are always on the horizon, I am constantly exploring fresh ideas and the latest digital media innovations.

When not tackling new online marketing endeavors, I enjoy working on home improvement projects and spending time with my two teenage sons.