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Eric Hixson

Eric Hixson

President, CEO


Phone: (509) 484-2173

I wrote my first commercial in 8th grade as part of an English assignment without ever thinking it was a possible career track. In high school, I ran a mobile DJ business which led me to broadcast college and the radio industry. It didn’t take long to realize that although I loved being on-air, there was also a business side with lots of opportunity! I quickly traded the microphone for a briefcase, and began a career of writing and selling broadcast time. After a few years in Radio, I transitioned to Television Sales. A good friend in the (Advertising) Agency business took a liking to me, and offered me the chance to go far beyond the confinement of one broadcast company. Twenty plus years later, I humbly look back at the number of businesses I was able to help by building advertising campaigns, event marketing, and large scale promotions of almost every kind. Although our specialty is Automotive advertising, our experience includes multiple group and association accounts, as well as multi-store and multi-market franchise and non-franchise operations.

This is indeed an exciting industry, and with emerging media that includes digital and social applications, the adventure and challenges really keep us learning and growing. We feel truly blessed to serve our clients, and I can honestly say that I get up each morning excited to face the new opportunities that await us!

After hours, I spend as much of my weekend as possible with my wife, kids and grandkids at our 1911 log cabin in the Colville National Forest where we enjoy off-road adventures, and the serenity of our mountain retreat. Otherwise, expect to find me street biking on one of the many great twisty roads of the Northwest on my Triumph Rocket 111.