Our little bag of tricks


“Solid Media Plans” sounds so boring, but it is the foundation for cost effective marketing. Maximizing the value of our client’s media investment is sacred to us, and we never take it lightly. As a matter of fact, we are known for almost magically turning it into something bigger and better in every market that we engage in.

Since we work very hard to understand each market inside and out, and subscribe to the latest media buying software, our processes allow us to perform some pretty eye-popping results that leverage media dollars and maximize return.

We are not afraid to ask for the extras from media providers. Actually, we have an expectation that instead of the standard fare, to be our partner all vendors need to provide premium offers and extra value. Take it from those of us who have been on both sides of media, some clients get a preferred deal because of the work and relationships created well in advance of the buy.