Home Town Favorites

Staff at the Inland Empire Toyota Dealers may consist of Cougars, Huskies, Vandals, Ducks, and who-knows-what college mascot, but in the Spokane area it’s hard to go outside without seeing a Gonzaga sweatshirt, license plate, or GO ZAGS yard sign! Toyota’s presence is evident on campus with permanent interior signage at the McCarthy Center where the nationally-recognized basketball teams (both Men and Women) play their home games. Annually we produce animated graphics for the scorer tables and overhead video ribbon in the arena lovingly known as “The Kennel”. We chose to incorporate the Toyota messaging that accompanied the 2014 Tundra and Corolla into a supportive fan message.


Although there is no audio, (you couldn’t hear it above the crowd noise anyway) the message has lots of movement to optimize the extreme horizontal formats. Viewers of televised games often get a peek at the message during the action.

Toyota also wraps a new vehicle for each season that is positioned at the main entrance during home games. People can enter to win by texting a code displayed on the “Kennel Cruiser”. For the 2013-14 season, we felt the demographic for the new 2014 Corolla would enjoy a “pimped out” version. We kept the graphics a bit more subtle than some in the past using frosted vinyl, so the new stylings were best accentuated.


Best of Broadway Sponsorship


The Best of Broadway series of shows is always very impressive. The Inland Empire Toyota Dealers chose to be in front of the estimated 200,000 people who will attend from all around the region. These national tours are brought in by West Coast Entertainment and performed at the INB Performing Arts Center in downtown Spokane. The Spokane dealer supplies 2 or 3 vehicles for each show. They are positioned under the marquee where show-goers arrive and leave.


E2Media has created simple eye-catching sponsorship graphics that are applied to the doors of the vehicles magnetically. We also provide show specific A-frame inserts to welcome attendees and spotlight the Dealer Association.